Data Privacy Policy

This policy describes the information we process to support ERRES or Echelon Rating & Retail Experience Systems, as well as other products and features offered by Carboni-Tech Corp.

What kind of information do we collect? To provide optimal ERRES or Echelon Rating & Retail Experience Systems products and services, we must collect and process information about you. The information and content you provide (via user input or via automated input) for the purpose of our site will be collected and used.

How is this information shared? Your information is shared with others in the following ways:

Anyone who visits our site will be able to see part of the information you provide.

Public information can be seen by anyone, on or from our products, even if the viewer doesn't have an account. This includes your UID; any and all information you provided upon initially signing up; as well as usage of any future information you input into our products and services.

How can I manage or delete information about me? Due to the very nature of the ranking system and how ranks are calculated for each individual player, we are unable to fully delete all information associated with your account. All player ranks are mathematically integrated with each other, and for this reason, we cannot completely deactivate and delete any player account. However, you do maintain the right to visit your registered home store to change/edit some of your information. Should the need to hide and/or block others from viewing your name and player stats arise, you do have the option to email our [hyperlink player support team email here] player support team [end hyperlink] with your request. Upon receipt of your request, we will review and assess your case at that time, and respond via email within 30 business days.

How do we respond to potential legal requests and/or prevent harm? In good faith of any applicable legal document (i.e., search warrant, court order, and/or subpoena), we will comply with law enforcement and other legal figures to access, preserve, and share your information when required to do so. This good faith principle may also extend to granting legal requests/inquiries from outside United States jurisdiction (when we believe the situation affects other players within the corresponding jurisdiction, and is consistent with internationally recognized policies).

Under this good faith principle, it is necessary to detect, prevent, and address: A) Fraud, unauthorized use of the products, violations of our terms or policies, or other harmful or illegal activity; B) Protection of ourselves (including our rights, property or products) C) Protection of you or other players (including, but not limited to) as part of investigations or regulatory inquiries; D) Or to prevent death or imminent bodily harm. For example, we provide information to, and receive information from third-party partners about the reliability of your account to prevent fraud, abuse, and other harmful activity on and from our products. Information we receive about you (including financial transaction data - related to purchases made with ERRES or Echelon Rating & Retail Experience Systems) can be accessed and preserved for an extended period when it is the subject of a legal request or obligation, governmental investigation, or investigations of possible violations of our terms or policies, or otherwise to prevent harm. For this reason, we retain information from accounts disabled for terms violations for at least one year to prevent repeat abuse or other term violations.

How do we operate and transfer data as part of our global services? We share information globally, both internally within the Carboni-Tech Corp. Companies, with our external partners, and with those you connect and share with in accordance with this policy. Your information may, for example, be transferred, transmitted to, or stored and processed in the United States - or other countries outside of where you live (for the purposes as described in this policy). These data transfers are necessary to provide the services set forth in the ERRES or Echelon Rating & Retail Experience Systems Terms and to globally operate and provide our products to you. We utilize standard contract clauses, rely on the European Commission's adequacy decisions about certain countries, as applicable, and obtain your consent for these data transfers to the United States and other countries.

How will we notify you of changes to this policy? You will automatically receive a log-in notification of our updated Privacy Terms on your player account.

How to contact ERRES or Echelon Rating & Retail Experience Systems with questions? To learn more about how privacy works on ERRES or Echelon Rating & Retail Experience Systems, feel free to contact us using the information below. Any disputes you have in connection with our privacy policies and practices will be mediated through Carboni-Tech Corp.

Contact Us Send us an email at: [email protected]


Date of Last Revision: September 21, 2018

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