Argent Saga

Saga Showcase


Hosted By:

Jesse James Comics (2950462389)


Date: 2020-11-21 @ 14:00

Attendance Cap: 16

Current Registrations: 10/16

Estimated Rounds: 4

Structure: Swiss: Best of 3

Type: Default

Team Mode: None

Echelon Matching: No

Jason Magaard (18263881)

Wyatt LeLand Brannock (18825748)

Cat Ceder (20492057)

Gibson Elliott (15299308)

Donavon Anthony Labelle (16212921)

Ozzy Nowak (16914265)

Jacob Allen Roberts (19642930)

Jason Lee Skaggs (21557465)

Dominic Calderon (21694332) [Dropped]

Alex Lopez (22275844) [Dropped]

Del Lee Peck (15879009) [Dropped]


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Event Location

5140 W Peoria Ave #100, Glendale, Arizona, 85302

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Participation Items

Promo, Playmat, Sticker

Prize Pool

Metal Kyte, Promos

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Additional Information

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