Argent Saga

Fort Worth Regional


Hosted By:

Amikon Entertainment (3078842694)


Date: 2020-01-05 @ 10:00

Attendance Cap: ∞

Current Registrations: 23/∞

Estimated Rounds: 5

Structure: Swiss: Best of 3

Type: Default

Team Mode: None

Echelon Matching: No

Princess Basser (19996381)

Zach N Bayne (22837067)

Blaine Riley Bolin (22104845)

Michael Carboni (18994713)

Wesleyy Eligah Erwin (18227749)

Javier Feliciano (19960541)

Kevin Ferra (15765796)

Erik Goodwin (21219381)

Vinzent Guthrie (13207161)

Allen HamptonIII (15132520)

Tyler William Lacombe (20407873)

Gregory Mayberry (22224612)

Thomas E Mccrory (21968187)

John M Mclean (15574524)

Brooks Michael Melancon (23069460)

Leigh Pushard (20971582)

Jacob Timothy Scottsconci (18005211)

Diana Lynn Wiggins (18552965)

Wilfred Peter Worland (21265003)

Zachary Evers (19584964) [Dropped]

Taylor Andrew Guidry (14521194) [Dropped]

Anthony S Ivey (11230378) [Dropped]

Michael Thanh Nguyen (13965338) [Dropped]


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Event Location

2413 Medina Road, Medina, Ohio, 44256

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Participation Items

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Prize Pool

To Be Announced

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